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    Are You Feeding Your Imagination Or Stuck In The Same Old Routine? 


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    My Self Motivation Techniques For Your Business Success 

    I’ve just spent an hour in the gym and am feeling great now! Not only has it given me more energy, the exercise sparks my creativity and fills me with inspiration. It made me realise how important it is to exercise every day to maintain the focus and discipline that entrepreneurs require in business. I decided to write this post and share a couple of my self motivation techniques with you.

    Well I gave the first one away and that is going to the gym! But you don’t have to go to the gym to exercise, you can start by taking a walk around the block. Aim to increase the amount of exercise that you take everyday and you will start to feel better over time. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins in your body which make you feel good. And when you are feeling good you will be much more motivated to focus on your business. You will notice that you come up with more ideas when you are feeling good which in turn will increase your sales or productivity depending on your business.

    Secondly a great way to stay motivated is to take regular breaks so you give your brain sometime to rest. Sitting at your computer for long periods at a time is counter productive as you will lose focus and you won’t be able to take anything in after about an hour. So schedule regular breaks and take a quick walk or have a drink.

    Many of us are harsh on ourselves and we don’t take regular holidays or breaks away. Before I started my business I was the same but now I get away at least twice every month either in the UK or overseas. This gives me time to unwind and spend quality time with friends and family. It also allows my batteries to be recharged and it’s amazing how much inspiration that I find when I’m away from the office! You should try it.

    Spending quality time with friends and family is also really important to maintaining your motivation. After all that’s the great advantage of being your own boss, you call the shots. So rather than working all hours think about how much more you would get done if you had a clear head at all times.

    Finally and I think I have pretty much covered this one, have fun! I like to listen to music in my home office because it relaxes me and keeps me in touch with the real world. Working on your own can be lonely during the day so treat yourself to some music.

    I hope you find my self motivation techniques useful, to learn more about me click here.

    All the best,


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    Have You Got Persistence? 

    Why is it that people give up on their goals before they have completed them?  Do you know many people who are always starting jobs and never getting around to completing them? You have seen the January fitness trend when gyms become filled with optimistic people determined to get fit for the new year. Then as February comes around they become quiet again. It’s great for me as I prefer the gym to be quiet but that’s beside the point.

    Simply put it is sometimes easier to give up on something rather than follow it through to the end. That’s because humans like to remain within our comfort zones and avoid pain. Let’s face it most people would much rather think about pleasure than pain. And new projects and business opportunities can often feel painful in the outset as you are probably learning new skills, have made a financial committment and could be new to what you are doing.

    So how can you keep yourself focused and ensure that you never give up?

    1. Burn your bridges: The more that you invest into your project or business opportunity, the less likely you are to pull out when the going gets tough.

    2. Set clear goals: Have a very clear plan of objectives and stick to it. If you feel overwhelmed then break down your goals into smaller actions.

    3. Look for support: Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely experience so enlist the support of like-minded people. Start with those who inspire you and are getting the results that you want.

    4. Don’t let failures get in your way: Failures are often the beginning of a successful project. Making mistakes isn’t a problem, it’s how you cope with them and learn from them that is key.

    5. Never Give Up: Even when you are feeling like you are doing the hardest thing in your life, you will feel so much better and proud of yourself if you see it through to the end.

    6. Live from the outcome: Becoming successful isn’t easy, if it was then everyone would be rich full stop. Tell yourself that you are successful and operate your project as if you are already a millionaire. What would Donald Trump do in this situation? Would he give up? No way!

    These are just a few thoughts to keep you motivated through the tough times, I’m sure that if you are reading this then you are already well on your way to success,

    All the best,


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    My Local Squirrel Leader 

    There are so many advantages of being an entrepreneur and running a home office. I don’t have a boss breathing down my neck for a start. No long commute in the car or on a crowded commuter train.  And when I get results I know it’s because I have put the work in to get them. I am completely accountable for my own success in this business.

    On the flip side I can go an entire day without seeing anyone, which is great in one respect as I am getting things done, however sometimes it’s nice to see another friendly face for some encouragement. Don’t get me wrong I am on the phone a lot and have lots of virtual chats but it’s also nice to see other people.

    That’s where my busy friend comes in, she comes over most mornings to say hi and literally knocks on the door. So I find her a treat and off she goes to hide her treasure. Ok so it’s not quite the same as having a mastermind session with like-minded entrepreneurs, but it is good to know that I am helping her out!

    She is a true leader that takes action everyday to achieve her goals. She works from early morning through to the evening and never stops running around. She is truly inspirational in her dedication to supporting her family. She shows persistence which is so important for us entrepreneurs. So many people give up on their quest for success or in the pursuit of their dreams when success is just around the corner. And I can see that in my local neighbour, she never gives up searching for food as she knows her responsibility is to her family.

    There is a leader inside everyone one of us, leaders don’t have to be gifted or special, they just focus on achieving their goals and take action daily to achieve them. They don’t let problems hinder them in their tracks, they learn how to solve each problem and keep moving forward. Just like my local squirrel leader!

    Have a great week,




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    Heading to the Hills for Inspiration 

    I’m heading off to the Lake District this weekend, to get away from the buzz of the city and go walking in the great outdoors. I don’t know about you but I tend to find that most of my new business ideas come when I’m out and about rather than sat in my home office. Don’t get me wrong I do love working at home, but there’s nothing like a change of scenery to get the creative juices flowing. Working for long periods at a time end up being counter productive as you tend to lose your edge along the way.

    I’m planning to do a long hike with my Dad on Sunday and then relax with a couple of pints in the evening. Isn’t that what weekends are all about? And when I sit down on Monday morning I will have a renewed energy and excitement about the week ahead.

    So whatever you are up to this weekend, make sure you un-wind and spend time doing the things that you enjoy with the people whom are important to you… If you’re like me you will probably come up with lots of new ideas for your business.

    All the best,


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    Branding You Inc 

    Just like big corporations, all entrepreneurs need to have a unique brand identity. Everything that you say and do is representative of your brand, from your photo to your articles or blog posts. Your branding will enable you to fit in with the crowd or stand out as unique and different.  So what does your brand say about you right now?

    In the new economy consumers are turning to the internet to look for solutions to their problems and they are looking for a leader to follow. If you can offer your support and services as opposed to pushing products onto them you are much more likely to gain trust. This is one of the principles of attraction marketing, talking about what value you can offer to your customer as opposed to your product features. The bottom line is that people want to know that you are real and are going to be able to solve their problem.

    So what is so unique about you or me in a crowded market place? Well it is tough to stand out right now with everyone looking to be the best or offering similar products to you. But remember there is only one of you so use that to your advantage. Everyone has their own personal stories, how they have grown up and what has made them who they are today. Everyone loves a good story so have a think about what you have done that people might want to hear about. You might be surprised how many people can actually relate to you. For all the trials and tribulations that you may have been through, there are probably many who can relate. This way you can build a connection with people and they will start to trust you and respect you.

    Building a strong brand takes time but you can start to build your own brand by remaining consistent and authentic at all times. Think about offering something of value in all your work, this way people can start to see you as the expert that you are. And as you become more aware of your brand, you can start to personalize your sites to stand out from the crowd.

    All the best,


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    Do You Know Why You Are In Business? 

    I had the privilege of listening to a really inspirational guy last week talking about why people go into business. He talked about the fact that most businesses know what they do (e.g. they produce widgets) and how they do things (e.g. their widget is frilly and lights up in the dark). But if you asked them ‘Why’ they are in business they would be stuck with the answer. Well they might say to produce x or y but this is in fact ‘what’ they do, not why they do it..

    I am referring to Simon Sinek who is the author of  Start With Why amongst other books. It is definitely a great read if you are in business or thinking about setting up your own business. He talks about the fact that people don’t buy what you do but why you do it. Your why is your driving motivation to do what you do. When people know why you are in business and they can relate to it, they are more likely to become a loyal customer. You are much more likely to inspire them to take action. However most companies simply trade on price and therefore customers do not become loyal, they shop around for the best deal.

    It got me thinking why I set up my home business. I definitely wanted to get out of the corporate grind, lets face it, who doesnt?! I also liked the idea of spending more time with my friends and family doing the things that I want to do. No more long commutes, no more early mornings and no more office politics!

    Although these were some of my personal reasons to start my business, they weren’t ‘why’ I set up. The reason ‘why’ I am in business is to inspire others to succeed and coach them to be able to start living their dream lifestyle. There’s nothing more rewarding to me than seeing another team member begin to realise their potential and have more time to spend doing what they want. Seeing someone else achieve a goal they previously never believed they could.

    So do you know why you are in business or why your company is in business? It’s definitely worth thinking about and could be the difference between you simply surviving or you prospering.

    All the best


    Click here to learn more about my home business

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    Looking for The Best Business To Start In Recession? 

    Over the past few years the US economy has plummeted to record lows and resulted in increased unemployment, record numbers of foreclosures and increased consumer debts. Many people are sitting tight and hoping for the economy to recover without realizing that it is unlikely to recover for many years.

    However it is not all doom and gloom, there are opportunities for entrepreneurs who have the courage to take a stand and become the master of their own destiny. Setting up on your own could be the best business to start in recession.

    Despite the current recession, a study in 2009 by the Kauffman Foundation showed that US entrepreneurial activity has increased to the highest rate in 14 years. This is not really surprising given the increase in unemployment levels and many more people fearing redundancy. There is something about a recession and tough times that brings out the entrepreneurial spirit in individuals. Successful entrepreneurs have a strong will to succeed and won’t let the recession stop them making money.

    In fact during the Great Depression there were more millionaires created than ever prior to that era. So recessions can be a time of opportunity for those that are open to it.

    Whilst many great organizations were started during a recession, they were often started as micro businesses and then grew from there. Setting up from home is becoming very common in the US with the internet boom in recent years. The internet has allowed people to work without the need for office space or even to employ staff. Certain tasks can still be outsourced depending on the business you are in so overheads can be kept to a minimum.

    The benefits of many home businesses online are low start-up costs as you simply need internet access to get started. Clearly you will want to invest further once you start making sales but you can start off with relatively little outlay. The best place to start is identifying a niche market that you can offer a product or service to. Try and find a niche that is relevant to your interests or expertise. This way you will find yourself much more passionate about what you are doing. If you can offer a value driven service to customers you are more than likely to gain a following. Commerce is all about giving value to customers and in return you will get something back, whether that be money or referrals.

    Affiliate marketing is a low-cost way to start a business online. All you need initially is a blog or a website. Once you have built up a following you should start to see a decent income stream. The beauty of this is that you could start this part-time if you are still working in the Corporate Grind.

    Franchise companies may be another option as they tend to follow a proven business model that has been tried and tested. This literally saves you hundreds of hours as a lot of the business infrastructure is in place. You simply need to attract and serve new customers well. There are many low-cost options available if you do some simple research online.

    If you look online there are literally hundreds of options to make money from home. It is important to do your due diligence and ensure that the businesses are legitimate before parting with your hard earned money. However if you look hard enough there are a number of golden nuggets to be found. You will generally find that the more time and energy that you can put into your business, the more you will see results.

    Becoming an entrepreneur may sound daunting when you are working in the wage system and have a regular salary coming in. But can you guarantee how long this will last for in the current recession. Are you working for a recession proof business? If you are worried about leaving a paid job behind, consider the part-time option so you can test out the waters prior to diving in.

    Whatever you decide to do, it’s important to take action now before it’s too late. Click on the link if you want to learn more about the best business to start in recession.

    All the best,


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    Positive Thinking Tips To Improve Your Sales Motivation 

    On this Monday morning I thought it would be good to send out some positive thoughts to start the week. It’s some of the tips that I use to maintain positive motivation to run my business.

    In all professions it is critical to maintain good relationships with your customers and always appear positive and personable. However this is even more important in sales when you have regular contact with customers. Given the current recession and the economic downturn sales professionals are often finding it tougher to make a sale as businesses are downsizing and cutting costs wherever possible. This post aims to offer some positive thinking tips so that sales people and other professionals can maintain their sales motivation.

    Control Your Thoughts: Fight the fear of failure. If you think you are going to do badly you probably will. Those people that say they are unlucky in life are generally doomed to failure from the start as they don’t have self belief.

    Here’s a way of remaining positive. If you are worried about a particular sales meeting try and decipher the worst case scenario. What is the worst that can happen? Generally when you do this exercise you realize that you are worrying unnecessarily rather than focusing on the prize or sales. Remind yourself how good you are at your job and focus on that.

    An important point to note is that your subconscious mind is always working whether you like it or not. The thoughts that you have will continue to resonate within your mind unless you change your thought process.

    Positive Affirmations: Positive affirmations are a great positive thinking technique that many business leaders and successful professionals use. By speaking and thinking positive thoughts you can regain your positive attitude.

    Write a list of things that are important to you in life and then write a positive statement for each in the present tense. For example if have a sales job that you like you could say: ‘I am a great sales person with a top sales record’.

    Now this tip is not something that you can master overnight unless you already have the power to control your thoughts. For this to work you have to regularly state your affirmations out loud.

    Develop Your Own Personal Vision Statement: Everyone has goals in life, they just don’t necessarily write them down for whatever reason. Creating your own personal vision statement will help you focus on what is important to you in life. This will allow you to focus more time and energy on what is important as opposed to all the ‘noise’ of daily life. It helps to have an annual plan and a longer term plan so you can visualize where you want to be in a few years time. Imagine yourself living that life now and it will spur you on to achieve your sales targets.

    Adopt an Abundance Mentality: Most people have limiting beliefs about opportunities in life and feel that there aren’t enough to go around. It is easy to say that something isn’t possible because there is too much competition in a certain area. Adopting an abundance mentality keeps your mind open to new opportunities that others may not see.

    Write Down Your Key Achievements: Most of us have a resume so that is a good place to start when developing a list of your achievements. Compiling this list will remind you that you have achieved many things in life and will continue to do so with the right positive attitude.

    Write Down Your Key Strengths: Similar to your achievement, write down what you are good at. If this feels uncomfortable then ask a positive friend or love one to help you out. You will be surprised what people say about you and you might find strengths that people see in you that you didn’t know you had.

    Make decisions: One thing we are all guilty of is analyzing situations in too much detail and never making decisions. Try not to get lost in analysis. Successful people make decisions quickly and change them slowly as opposed to the other way around.

    Don’t just be busy: Being busy does not win the race. It is important to have a strong work ethic in business and maintain your performance, however maintain your focus on daily action. Action will help you prepare for that sales meeting. This in turn will increase your sales motivation.

    I hope this has been useful, to find out more about what I do for a living click here.

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    Businesses That Do Well In A Recession 

    Given the recession is a hot topic right now I am going to spend some time talking about how to protect your financial future. I thought I’d start by talking about businesses that do well in a recession to cheer you up a bit – I know all the doom and gloom gets to us all.

    Ok so these businesses that do well are often referred to as ‘recession proof’ as they experience growth during slower economic times. It makes logical sense to work within one of the industries that are more likely to ride the current financial storm. So if you are working in a recession impacted industry right now you might want to think about moving to one of these…

    The official definition of a recession is two consecutive quarters of negative Gross Domestic Product growth. It is generally combined with an increase in unemployment, decline in the housing market and a drop in the stock market.
    Whilst a recession spells doom and gloom for many industries and in recent times the banking sector, there are certain businesses that do well in a recession.

    Chocolate: With a recession consumers tend to spend less on going out for meals and expensive clothes, however chocolate and cosmetic sales are rarely impacted. Well what’s more comforting that a nice chocolate bar whilst watching TV?

    The Chief Executive of Cadburys, Todd Stitzer had this to say about chocolate sales. “Chocolate benefits as people stay at home. Chocolate sales are holding up well as people buy multi-packs, stock up the larder, and stay at home,” he said after a 2008 results news conference.

    In house entertainment or leisure as I like to call it:
    As people go out less, they are much more likely to stay in and find something more entertaining to do. So they buy home entertainment packages amongst other things. This is why Sky TV share prices are soaring right now.

    Telecoms: Everyone still likes to stay in touch with friends and family and mobile phone usage has increased year on year. If the company is selling primarily online even better as overheads are lower and customers receive more competitive deals. Not all telecoms businesses will do well however depending on how quickly they have been able to optimize their business models.

    Debt Collection: Unfortunately with a recession comes increased foreclosures and defaulting on unsecured debts. This leaves a booming industry taking advantage of products designed to assist people to stay in control of their finances.

    Funeral care: This is an example of a non cyclical business that will always serve a purpose in the community. This is perhaps not the most talked about industry.

    Health Care: Whilst this industry will be impacted to a certain degree, there are so many people dependent on prescription medicine that it will still need to be produced and distributed. Also, the changing demographics of the population mean that there are more elderly people as a percentage of the total than ever before. By 2030, there will be about 72.1 million people over 65 in the US alone, more than twice their number in 2000.

    Entrepreneurs: Interestingly enough, more than 50% of Fortune 500 Customers were started during a recession. Some examples are General Electric, Burger King and FedEx. Given the outburst of the internet over the past 10 years, many opportunities for entrepreneurs have opened up including affiliate marketing, network marketing and wealth creation communities. Now is a better time than ever to start-up on your own and move away from the daily grind. Let’s face it, if you are facing redundancy right now how long will it take you to find another job and who knows how long that may last?

    If you are reading this post you’re more than likely interested in businesses that do well in a recession. You may well be impacted by the recession and worried about your job and financial future.

    Click the link for an explanation of why we are in this current recession and how you could start building wealth today with the help of top industry experts.

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